Rather than chasing trends, we stick to our own missions.

In the ideal future, Chinese consumers will not be paying for advertising expenses but directly for quality products, which is why we believe in products that sell because of their high caliber and reputation not advertising campaigns.


What China needs is not more resources. We are home to world-class infrastructure – high-speed railways and skyscrapers abound – but we need more companies that will utilize these to create equally excellent products. Similarly, there is a plethora of means to match students with teachers, or patients to physicians. What we need are qualified teachers, exceptional institutions to prepare future educators, and genuinely effective medication that is up to par with international standards.


Are you sick of all the start-ups that have popped up all over the place and do nothing but charge service fees for middleman services? Do you simply wish to develop quality products and services? Then Challenjers is the financial partner that you deserve!




We do not compete for projects, no matter how attractive one may look. We only enter into engagements with founders we admire, since we collaborate with the sole purpose of creating lasting partnerships and establishing genuine companies. We are not aiming for a particular result and are willing to sustain the losses regardless of their amount, because life is all about the journey! We may not have the highest quotes or the highest renown. If you are only raising money for sensational promotion and brand building, we are not your best choice. Conversely, if you want a lasting partner who will resolve issues alongside and bring money to the table, please come to Challenjers.


Keep in mind: just as a football team can consist up to 11 players, a company's shares are finite. This means the strategy of share allocation is more than crucial. Do not hand shares to a disagreeable investor who looks wealthy and famous just for a higher valuation. Always remember, stocks are a non-renewable resource.



We manage equity funds as well as long-term funds. We can quickly make decisions thanks to our flat business structure, as we don't have to wait for approval from management. We also object to the idea of having a board of directors always nagging at the staff. We hope for a relationship where both parties can just on the phone and speak on equal terms to solve any conflict or issue that arises.


We are the true long-term fund for the young, genuine entrepreneur. We believe it is best to retain a good project for a lifetime, embrace the incredible experiences it brings, and become the founder's standing partner. We do not participate in brainless toil to fulfill some arbitrary quota, investing in and selling x amount of projects each year. It’s simply not our style.


We also believe in continuous development based on previous success and experience. What do Apple, Google, Tencent, Alibaba, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Nestlé have in common? Their success was born within great industries already created, not from a new industry, by trading business secrets or striking gold with an unexpected idea. Instead, their success stems from maintaining the best teams, always putting product/service quality and consumers first, and standing up to the established giants in the industry. If your entrepreneurial project involves confrontations with giants, Challenjers would be more than happy to assist.



China has a promising future, and we believe at least three of the top ten in each industry should be Chinese. If you want to challenge an industry never before prospected by Chinese people, Challenjers is the right choice for you.


We derive our actions from the premise that China will become the most powerful country, with a per capita GDP of $40,000. This future requires investment institutions with dedicated missions that focus their effort on core industries that improve the living standards of the Chinese people as well as the country's competitiveness on the international front. Otherwise, we will not generate value for our country, society, or economy and will not make profit in the long run even if our concepts turn out to be profitable in the short term. We must make investments based on the belief in China's promising future.


If you agree with our philosophy and are steadfast on your entrepreneurship road, please join and move forward with us!


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